Thursday, July 13, 2006

I suppose we must be grateful...

...for small mercies. The recent issue of BTO News #265 has an article on Wild Bird Indicators for the English Regions. An interesting read which becomes more interesting particularly when you look at the results. Comparing percentage changes between 1994-2004 the North-West, as a region, has shown the greatest increase in both woodland and farmland birds over this time as compared to any other region. We've always known about an economic north south divide so the fact that we have more bird species, and appear to be hanging on to them (as compared to the south) brings a small smug smile to my face. Nationally, as you would expect?, the trend in both woodland and farmland birds is still down on comparison to 1970 (the index year) although the trends do appear to be less severe and may even be leveling out.


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