Saturday, August 19, 2006

£12.50 per hour

Today Jeremy Greenwoood spoke at the 24th International Ornithological Conference in Hamburg. The theme of his talk was 'the volunteer' - amateurs making a major contribution to ornithology and conservation science. In time alone it is considered to be 1.6 million hours a year (in the UK) at a net worth of £20 million. That calculates to a very reasonable £12.50/hr.

Part of his lecture was: "Though they may have no formal qualifications, they have considerable expertise, gained from many years of devotion to the subject. Areas to which they have contributed include: migration studies, distributional atlases, censuses (monitoring and distributional studies) and breeding biology. Their work has not only identified the declines of many species but has also helped to discover the causes of those declines and how they can be reversed".
These studies have also helped shape government policy - the Quality of Life Indicators - and has fed into reform of the Common Agricultural Policy; all this through volunteer effort.

This is you - it could not be achieved without your generous contribution of time, effort and expertise. Someone, somewhere should be giving you a pat on the back.

The full Proceedings of the IOC will be published later in the year in the Journal of Ornithology


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