Monday, August 28, 2006

Golden Lapwing Plovers

This winter the BTO are undertaking a Wintering Golden Plover and Lapwing survey. Since they were last counted in the 1970’s (when there were 250,000 Golden Plover and about 1.5 million Lapwing wintering in the UK) there have been many changes to farm management – pastures have been ploughed and converted to arable farmland, fields have been reseeded and drained and fertiliser use has been added; all leading to reduced availability of food. The increase in numbers recorded for both species during the mid-80’s has witnessed an equally impressive decline since the late 1990’s. Clearly there is a need to survey these two species again before numbers become irreversibly low.

For details of the survey see: and for more information:

So if you are wandering the fields and see flocks of either species please submit the observation. If you want to take part more formally please drop me a line.


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