Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's all in the eye...

Next year (2007) there is to be a national survey of Ringed Plover and Little Ringed Plover; the first since 1984. There are three objectives – to obtain updated population estimates; to census all SSSI’s and SPA’s that have been designated due to their importance for breeding Ringed Plover; and to investigate the species’ current spatial distribution and habitat dependencies, as well as patterns of co-occurrence.
According to the 1997-2000 Local Breeding Atlas there were nine breeding sites for Little Ringed in the region (38 breeding pairs) and thirteen sites for Ringed Plover (33 breeding pairs). It will be interesting to find out whether there have been any changes over the intervening time period.

Apart from the Heronries Census, BBS, WBBS, and the usual WeBS counts, this is likely to be the only other survey work undertaken next year prior to the BTO Atlas starting proper in the winter of 2007. The anticipated survey of grebes is currently un-funded and a decision on whether this will go ahead will be made early October.

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