Monday, September 25, 2006

Mersey Estuary Conservation Group

The Mersey Estuary Conservation Group is an umbrella organisation representing 22 interested parties who care about the Mersey Estuary. Such interested parties include Government offices, local Councils, Wildlife and Conservation groups, Birding Organisations and Marine and Shooting interests.
Much is happening on the estuary, driven primarily by the redevelopment of the old Liverpool airport and the potential expansion of John Lennon Airport. The old airport is being developed by Peel Holdings (the land owner) as Liverpool International Business Park, and already houses a sports facility and a hotel complex. Further building incorporates a warehouse development, and a printing unit (home of one thousand jobs). Between the Business Park and the river, land (approx 70 acres), has been turned over to a management company – on a 25 year lease – in order to create the Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve; and it is this that the MECG has input into. Using its experts, from all walks of life, the MECG is working with the management company so as to maintain and improve the biodiversity of the Coastal Reserve for all wildlife, but in particular waders, who are probably the species most affected by the changes.
As an aside, the expansion of John Lennon Airport is by no-means certain – speculative - is a word that springs to mind. However, the MECG is monitoring the situation simply because of the affect it is likely to have on high tide wader roosts in surrounding fields. For more information see their website at:
The image is copyright of Peel Holdings and is used here for illustrative purposes. The 'green' piece of land at the bottom right, with a visible boundary running up the coast to the airport, is the area of the Coastal Reserve.


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