Sunday, October 29, 2006

Waterbird Review Series.

WWT and JNCC have published this Series in order to meet Britain’s obligations to International conservation agreements, such as the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement, whereby member states co-operate in order to ensure a network of suitable habitats is maintained throughout the migratory range of 235 wetland bird species.

The reviews collate forty years of data and knowledge, from long term studies and monitoring programmes, to produce a site inventory for all major wintering goose and swan populations in Britain and Ireland. Each review describes the species abundance, distribution and ecology – both nationally and throughout the species range. As within the spirit of the agreement each review lists current and former sites of importance, presenting numbers and trends, with a summary of site protection status, habitats and site usage.

Reviews to date cover the swans: Mute, Bewick and Whooper; and geese: Bean, Pink-foot, White-fronted, Greylag, Barnacle and three species of Brent. They can be found for free download at:


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