Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Aquatic Warbler

It must be an RSPB day - don't have them often! - but this is worthy of a mention. They have used £400,000 of yours, and my money, to buy their (our) first overseas reserve - 1,000 acres of Biebrza marshes in eastern Poland. Why? To help protect the Aquatic Warbler, of which there are only about 20,000 worldwide. Biebrza marsh is home to approximately 2,700 singing males during the breeding season and is a major stronghold for this bird - supporting 80% of the EU population. Even in today's technological world we still don't know where these birds spend the winter. Question: if I ever get to Poland do I still qualify for free access as an RSPB member - just a thought.
Picture copyright of Paul Gale,


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