Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Billed as a 'little beauty'

If you haven't come across this news item by now the question is: where have you been? From humble beginnings as a picture by John Wright on the Lancashire and District Birdwatching Society website it's grown to be an RSPB Newsletter lead item and a star of BBC news. This unique Bearded Tit - melanistic rather albino (it has coloured eyes and bill) - has managed to survive until this month, possibly because it has managed to skulk around the thick reed-beds of Leighton Moss out of the way of predators.
I 'collect' pictures of birds that appear in this way; you'd be surprised at just how many species have had 'white' forms. A starling earlier this year was one.
Interestingly, although this bird is very rare, one-in-a-million has been quoted, I wonder how many twitchers will be racing off to add this to their tick list. Not many me thinks.


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