Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kestrel added to list...

Each year analysis of BTO Nest Record Scheme results produces a 'Concern List' - those species that appear not to be doing all that well from a breeding point of view. To date there are 21 birds on this list - including Skylark and Spotted Flycatcher. The latest addition to the list now is Kestrel. Since the mid 1970's kestrel numbers have declined. It was thought they had stabilised, but now it appears that some other factors may simply be ticking away with another drop in numbers indicated. Analysis of nest record data shows that kestrels, that once reared broods of four/five, are now only fledging broods of three. Their troubles may not be over and so it is for this reason they have been added to the concerns list so that we may keep a closer annual review on their situation.


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