Monday, November 20, 2006

NW Bird Fair

Thanks for all those who came and found time for a chat; and for all of those who came and ending up having a chat anyway. I particularly liked the nice young lady from Mersey Basin who told me all about plans for the Ribble, and RSPB Officer Colin Wells who tolerated all my probing about plans at Inner Marsh Farm and surroundings now that the RSPB have purchased Manor Farm.

Raptor Rescue were new this year – a specialist Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Organisation ( who are tying to increase their profile and public awareness of them - phone them instead of the RSCPA. Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society were present virtually giving away Bird Reports (20p each) as their storage space at Fleetwood Museum has just been lost. Mock ups of the new Birds of Lancashire were available for viewing – due to be published next year – watch for pre-publication offers, but the Liverpool Ornithological Club were absent as they couldn’t be present all weekend as they were all due to be out on Sunday undertaking WeBS and Plover counts (bless ‘em).

Unfortunately none of the bookstalls had a copy of the new Manx Breeding Atlas which I wanted a look at – looks like I might have to buy a copy to see it – but I did manage to get a copy of Ian Wallace’s Beguiled by Birds (brand new) for less than the cover price.

As with these occasions didn’t manage to get out and see the ducks and things – will have to return for another visit when, dare I say it, it’s hopefully quieter.

See you all again next year.


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