Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year to you All

So, what did Santa bring you for Christmas? For some of you that I met over the holiday period you managed to get a 'pass-out' to go and see the Palla's Warbler up at Hightown Dunes, Sefton. Someone I know even managed to acquire a full set of BWP - I didn't like to ask how much but hundreds I'd imagine.
Myself, I followed up on the rather foolish promise granted by my wife and swopped my 10x50 Bushnells for a set of Leica 8x50BNs. I did the rounds - shops, Martin Mere, Focalpoint and www and couldn't get them for less than a grand in the UK. But then the dollar/pound exchange rate came to my aid and, even getting them from the States with postal charges, insurance and import duty I still managed to save myself £400 - so a very merry christmas thank you!

Anyway the new year is here and it'll soon be time for the end of year reports, the beginning of year meetings, and this year's survey work. In the next week or so I'll bring you up to date on the BTO National Atlas, the local Lancashire and North Merseyside Atlas, the results of last years national Constant Effort Site ringing (received today) and, of course, how MRG fared in 2005.


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