Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More winners and losers...

Whatever, the birds are the winners.

CJ WildBird foods, a 'local' birdfood supplier near Shrewsbury, has laid off more than 20 people after a slump in sales - the reason - the mild winter (as well as economic recession and inflation rates). While this is obviously a very sad incident for the employees affected, for the birds at least it does reflect the fact that the mild winters are maintaining natural food supplys which, for them, must be a good thing.

However, while watchers of garden birdtables and ringers complain that the birds are 'just not about', they being more widely dispersed in the countryside, stop and think - is this really a bad thing?

CJ's website can be found at: www.birdfood.co.uk and, before anyone has a go at me for free advertising, I only include this as CJ's are sponsors of the BTO's Garden Birdwatch Scheme.


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