Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Plea - Winter Plovers.

The graph shows coastal and inland trends for Lapwing and Golden Plover. It needs little explanation – numbers have been falling at all sites from around 1998. In order to ascertain whether this trend is continuing is why the winter Lapwing and Golden Plover survey was initiated. One of the main aims of this study is to nationally co-ordinate counts on specific weekends so as to exclude problems due to moving flocks.

Additionally supplementary records were invited, at all times, so as to achieve maximum winter flock counts.

The map shows the most recent plot of these 'supplementary records' for Golden Plover – spot the deliberate mistake! There are no records outside of the main study dates from Marshside – I hope this is an oversight. Could I ask anyone who has any Lapwing and Golden Plover counts from this site, and/or elsewhere, please take the time to submit them (either direct to me or via the BTO website ) so we can accumulate as complete a picture of these birds as is possible. Thanks.


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