Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Acrocephalus orinus Rediscovered in Thailand

I must admit that this piece of news had passed me by. Discovering it now has not deminished its importance. I think it's great that species out there can survive in the face of all that humanity can throw at it.
Previously the Large-billed Reed Warbler was known only from one specimen - collected in the Sutlej Valley near Rampoor, Himachal Pradesh, India in 1867. On 27th March 2006 a single bird, netted in South-west Thailand, became the first record of this enigmatic reed-warbler Acrocephalus orinus, since the species discovery. DNA tests were given top priority, and confirmed the identity of the individual. Now that the species is known to be extant, the most urgent requirement is to locate its remaining populations. With so little information to go on, the challenge is enormous, but the species proven survival undoubtely provides great encouragment.


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