Friday, March 02, 2007

Director Designate

The new Director Designate of the BTO is Dr Andy Clements.

Andy spent the last 15 years at English Nature, where he ended as Director of Protected Areas, and subsequently at Natural England as Director of Science, Evidence and Policy. He led English Nature's successful defence of Dibden Bay (relying heavily on WeBS data). He is a lifelong birder and BTO supporter - he took part in the first Atlas and has a BBS square. He has led a number of Naturetrek tours to India, Africa and South America, served on the Oriental Bird Club Conservation Committee and published on Asian birds and bird behaviour.

  • Dr Andy Clements is married and has two children. He lives in Cambridge.
  • Andy was educated at University of Wales obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree (1976) and PhD in Zoology (1980) before starting his career lecturing in Zoology. He joined Nature Conservancy Council in 1982 and contributed to fieldwork knowledge on upland birds.
  • During his career with NCC and subsequently English Nature, Andy was a conservation officer in Hertfordshire, Head of Science for the Southern Region and European Officer, working to implement standard practices to protect nature across Europe.
  • Dr Clements spent four years in the Department of Environment, licensing registered keepers of birds of prey and advising Customs and Excise on the trade in endangered species under the CITES convention.
  • As a General Manager, Andy led English Nature’s external communications programme and initiated the emphasis on people and wildlife: Reconnecting people with nature. He developed relationships with Lottery Funding which enabled the English Nature/New Opportunities Fund partnership on Wildscape!, a £6m grant scheme delivering community areas for wildlife at the local level.
  • Andy was Director - Protected Areas, with overall responsibility for English Nature’s programme of protected areas. This includes Sites of Special Scientific Interest, International sites and National Nature Reserves.
  • Andy was seconded to Natural England in 2006. As Director - Science Evidence & Policy, he selected the new senior management team, set & published strategy and determined science & policy targets.
  • Andy currently runs Ferrypath Consulting Ltd, offering strategic environmental advice to clients as diverse as Naturetrek and the Anglian Water Group.

Andy will take up his post in September, when Jeremy retires.


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