Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where did February go?

No, really, where did February go? For me it just seems to have vanished. I did some survey visits for the CAWOS Atlas, some (non-existent) plover counts, one ringing session and went on my BTO Council Induction course (meet and greet the senior staff and ask some naughty questions about the future and funding). Oh, and I had a much needed sunny break to southern Spain (26 degrees in the shade) and managed to see my first ever Penduline tit.
So what now? This weekend is the AGM of the Lancs and Cheshire Fauna Society, where we will be discussing the local as well as the National Atlas, Monday (5th) will be an exciting day as the new Director of the BTO is due to be announced and next weekend is the NW Ringers Conference at Thurstaston, Wirral. In between times I shall be posting survey forms for this years Breeding Birds Survey and the Wetlands Breeding Bird Survey, closely followed by Ringed Plover and Little Ringed Plover surveys. The Heronries have already been taken care of (Tony Duckels et al at South West Lancs Ringing Group and Richard Charles for Knowsley).
Also moving about in the background is (another) Lapwing survey - funded by Defra - looking at breeding and feeding 'plot's on Countryside stewardship farms.
Let's hope that March is not so manic.
Credit: The picture was taken from the fyldebirdclub website. My views were better than this picture but the context is about right.


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