Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You’ve got to be joking?

Have a look at the picture – would you be fooled? The City Council has purchased ten of these ‘Robops’ to move around the city in an attempt to scare all of the feral pigeons out of the city centre and into the parks and other opens spaces. The Peregrine Falcon look-alikes (ha) can move about, flap their wings and squawk in an attempt to frighten the feral pigeons into submission. Sorry to be cynical but I doubt it will work.

So in 2008, Capital of Culture Year, you’ll not only be able to see all the things you would expect to see but you’ll also be able to go on Robop spotting tours – have your picture taken next to one and generally wallow in the gentle humour of this initiative.

Seriously though the council spends 88 man hours a day to a cost of £160,000 per annum clearing up after these “faecal pigeons”.

With thanks to BBC News:


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