Friday, April 27, 2007

Bird Atlas 2007-2011

Events are moving on.
Of the £1M plus needed to finalise this study over £300, 000 has already been raised. Fliers are being printed and posted inviting interested individuals to contribute- financially - to this study.
Me, I leave that to others, my concern is to get the work undertaken by cajoling, encouraging, pleading, and in some case 'threatening' (only my friends you understand) volunteers to take to the field. Survey work is due to start in November 2007 and the 'Bird Atlas' website will be going live soon when the big push will be on to place volunteers with tetrads for surveying. Already individuals are jumping before being pushed and are contacting me 'requesting' particular tetrads which they are willing to survey. The good point is the choice is yours - so long as no one else has got to it first you can pick anyone you like - need I say more, you get the hint!
It will be an exciting time - not only because we will be contributing to the National Atlas, but also because we will be producing data to compare to the local Atlas of 1997-2000. So, now only will we find out what has changed nationally, but we'll also be able to undertake it on a more local scale too.


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