Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nestbox update

Spent six hours on site yesterday – nice and tiring. Checked all 150 nest boxes and only suffered one flea – and no bites. Ringed one pullus Song Thrush, and the two eggs from the Blackbirds nest had been predated – squirrels my guess. Didn’t see any other evidence of nesting - but them again didn’t have much time for it.

The end results were: 18 sitting Great Tits and 11 Blue Tits with a further 17 unspecified (call that unidentified) tit nests. 25 Pied Flycatcher building (no eggs) with one definite Redstart and one Nuthatch; a further 25 boxes had evidence of early building activity.

The Pied Flys and Redstarts have only been in just over a week so am hopeful of further occupancy by them.

Upset the local Ravens and Buzzards - but I don’t intend climbing up to the nests even if I find them so they’ll just have to continue to be unrewardingly noisy. Cuckoos were in and have five singing Willow Warblers, but the Chiffchaffs all seem to have gone quiet now only revealing their presence by alarm calling when I’m near their nest site.

Back again next weekend but I anticipate it’ll be another 10 days or so before ringing commences. In the picture spot the nestbox.


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