Monday, May 21, 2007

In the Glyn

Another day checking the boxes on Sunday – it takes me six hours just to walk around the site so, once you actually start ringing chicks it becomes a long day.
Left: Blue Tits

Ringed another 43 Great Tit pulli, missing one brood of five because they were already too big, and then 72 Blue Tit. Also ‘lifted’ two adult female Great Tit, one Blue Tit, and 5 female Pied Flycatchers. Had my first two broods of Pied Flycatchers hatching so, from that point of view, a good day.

All was not sweetness and light however. The Redstart’s nest had been predated, as had one each of Blue and Great Tit. There were two broods of Great Tit where both had died in-situ. Possibly one, or both, of the parents had been taken by predators.

Left: Pied Flycatchers

On the plus side one of the previous Pied Flycatchers nests have ‘evolved’ into a Redstarts and another box, not checked for 2 weeks, also now had Redstarts in with six eggs.

On another front the Ravens have now fledged – 4 young – two broods of Great Spotted Woodpecker were found, the Pied Wagtails are nesting in amongst the straw bales in the barn – as is a Wren, and the swallows are too high up in the roof to do anything about. There’s also another pair of Redstarts on site – nesting somewhere in a natural cavity – but I haven’t had time to track them down yet; maybe that will come next week if they are feeding young.

Redstarts nest.


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