Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BBS 2006

Ironical that you get the results for 2006 just when you’ve finished the field work for 2007. So, what of 2006 – well a record 2,647 volunteers surveyed 3,295 1km squares, counting over a million birds of 223 species.

Of 16 red-listed species, eleven declined significantly on BBS squares between 1994-2006, while four increased – Song Thrush, Grasshopper Warbler, Tree Sparrow and Reed Bunting (I'm presuming for the final one that there was no change).
Willow Tit -69% Starling - 27% Turtle Dove -61% Linnet -24%
Corn Bunting -39% Yellowhammer -16% Grey Partridge -37% Skylark -15% Spotted Flycatcher -29% House Sparrow -6% Bullfinch -28%.

The full report can be found at:
In Wales, that place the other side of the Wirral, House Sparrows are up 107% over the period 1994-2006; while Starling was down 51% and Bullfinch 42%. Stonechat were up 287%. It’s funny but we’ll probably be twitching ‘common’ species before much longer where they have become extinct locally.

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