Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bird Atlas 2007-11

As most of you will know by now the BTO is running a National Atlas starting this November and running over the next four years. At the same time the Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society, working in concert with the BTO, will be collecting data to produce their second breeding and combined first winter atlas.

The whole of the survey is based on tetrads (scaled up to 10km squares for the national atlas) and one can either visit the tetrad and undertake a timed visit in order to produce abundance as well as distributional data, or randomly wander in order to produce a distributional list. It is hoped that all experienced birdwatchers and survey workers will adopt at least a couple of tetrads over the four year period. Tetrads only need one set of summer and winter data before it is finished and done – not visits for four years!

For Lancashire and North Merseyside, in agreement with the respective Bird Clubs, the local BTO Regional Reps are taking the lead in allocating tetrads to volunteers - and so now comes the purpose of this post.

Tetrads essentially are not allocated, you can pick the ones you want to do yourself. Obviously there are some that we would like repeated as they were tetrads covered for previous national atlases. But, that said, no one will be forced to do one – you can pick your own. So, if you feel you would like contribute to this survey work, and want to get first dibs on a tetrad, please let me know because I am already allocating them.


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