Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Formby Magpie clan.

MAGPIES are viciously attacking local wildlife and pets and should be culled, a Formby councillor has said.

Ravenmeols Cllr Barry Griffiths says he has witnessed magpies carry out “sickening” attacks on birds in his garden.
“This year we have pigeons nesting in our leylandii and the chicks are getting quite plump ready to fly the nest,” he told The Champion.
“Two magpies who seem quite territorial have viciously attacked the chicks in the nest. We have had three very badly damaged pigeon chicks fall out of the tree on to the flags. One had both eyes pecked out and its head badly damaged and raw and a huge hole in its side where you could see its guts moving.
“It was still alive making terrible noises. Another hit the flags with its head ripped off bleeding out of its neck. These vicious attacks left us feeling extremely sick."

Sorry for the graphic details but not a great fan of Magpies either. It's not that I don't really like them it's just that I don't like them in a crowd - too much like a set of bully boys.

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