Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bird Fair - Rutland

Well I eventually got there, my first ever visit to the Bird Fair. After a 2hour, fairly simply, travel across country we arrived in that period between the early birds and the masses - we drove in and parked thinking 'not very busy'. We paid our contribution to the saving of Belding's yellowthroat, otherwise know as the entry fee, and entered marquee 1. Wow, here (and in the other tents) were stalls to virtually every birding destination upon the globe, some I'd heard of and some were new! It was a holiday planners paradise.
Interspersed between all these were the bird food stalls, optics, wildlife trusts, the BTO (of course) - three stalls, general, WeBS and Garden Birdwatch and the RSPB with one stall alone, cynically in my opinion, dedicated to bequests to the organisation.
It was a social nightmare - the people I was with eventually left me behind to undertaken my conversations with all those people whom I had not seen for ages. In the end I probably spent more time in conversation that I did in actually experiencing the fair- or maybe I did experience what the fair is all about.
Would I go again - yes; would I go every year - probably not. Whatever, if you haven't been, try and go at least once. It's a good day out and experiencing the atmosphere is a memory to be stored away for those wet and boring days sat in at home.


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