Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Longest non-stop migratory flight

A female satellite-tagged Bar-tailed Godwit, know as E7, recently landed in New Zealand after taking just a week to fly 11,500km from Alaska to New Zealand. Unlike seabirds, which feed and rest on long journeys, godwits just keep on going - a case of 'are we nearly there yet?'
E7 set her first world record on her way north when she flew 10,200km (6,340 miles) to Yalu Jiang in China apparently non-stop. She then flew a further 3,000 miles to the godwit breeding grounds in Alaska. Now, after her journey back, she has set another non-stop record of 7,150 miles.
Notes on the whole project can be found at:
Next year they hope to repeat it again - this time using longer lasting trackers on more birds.

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