Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Power of the BBC

A heavy plug otherwise events will pass it by. The BBC's AutumnWatch has flexed its muscle to the extent that it has upsurped the usual NW Bird Fair weekend, forcing it to an earlier date. So, instead of being at the beginning of November the fair it is now just three weeks away being held on the weekend of 13-14th October. I have yet to see it advertised more widely.
The fair, now called a festival, is a modest affair but does serve the purpose of bringing all the local birding organisations, and individuals, together in one place - usually for much chatting and drinking of coffee! From a BTO (and Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society) point of view we will be pushing both the BTO national and the L&CFS local breeding and winter Atlases. Additionally it is hoped that the L&CFS will be in a position to offer pre-publication prices on the delayed release of the "Avifauna of Lancashire" (now due early next year). I'll be present on the Saturday so hope to see many of your there.
The logo is giving A Rocha a plug; an unassuming christian conservation organisation that does much good work (ringing birds at several sites in europe amongst other things) without the need to be brash about its existance.


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