Friday, September 07, 2007

Some good news for midge infested Scotland

The success of a wild bird in Scotland despite declining numbers in the rest of Europe has mystified experts.

RSPB Scotland said it was delighted but puzzled by breeding figures for the red-throated diver.

The rarer black-throated diver is also on the increase, possibly thanks to the anchoring of man-made rafts in lochs.

A survey of divers by the RSPB and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) found the two species had increased in the UK by 16 and 34% in the last 12 years.

Both have declined in Europe and the black-throated diver was last week made a conservation priority by the UK Government because of the declines elsewhere.

In Scotland, its numbers rose from 187 pairs in 1994 to 217 pairs in 2006.

Credit (so I dont get sued): Very thing pinched from the bbc news website


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