Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Millenium Dome?

So, another self-appointed government quango has come up with a plan to save the world - or at least generate 5% of our total electricity requirements. A, probably, multi-billion pound project that will double its budget (no-doubt) has been proposed by way of the Severn-barrage. If it's going to cost billions and will only then generate 5% of our needs how many decades will be required before it is actually working to a profit?
The commission has stated that any proposal must address 'strict' environmental restrictions as part of the planning process. A joke, if the government decides its will be good for the country i.e. their next term in office, it will be built whatever the cost economically and environmentally.
The environmental backlash to this, I hope, will be large but, I'm not a luddite and I see that the whole economic /environmental balance has to be one from both sides. So, accepting that something needs to be done I hope the commission will strongly consider tidal lagoons as a means of reaching a compromise. A lagoon is a smaller barraged area with turbines being driven on tidal movement that will still generate electricity without preventing tidal flow to the whole estuary.
Beware the Mersey or the Dee may be included in next phase of barrage building.


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