Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Birds of Lancashire (and North Merseyside)

As these things usually go - it's late! It was due to be out now, but it will eventually be published in Feb 2008. What is out now is the pre-publication offer. The RRP is £40 but, if ordered before 1st Feb 2008 it will be £30 + £1.50 p&p.
It will be 196mm x 264mm, 460 pages (>300,000 words), with 311 original photos, 105 original line drawings, 133 graphs tables and figures and 106 maps. The book gives a detailed account of all 348 native and naturalised species recorded in Lancs and Nth Merseyside up to the end of 2005.
Orders can be made on-line at: www.wildlifebooks.com or by phone at 0870 010 9700. The print run is restricted to 1000 so be sure to order early if you want to get this reference work - the modern Avifauna of Lancashire since Oakes in 1953 (and Mitchell in 1885, 1892).


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