Monday, October 01, 2007

Good news x2

ISRAELI jets were scrambled on two nights last week after radar tracking stations mistook clouds of migrating birds for enemy aircraft. Radar operators feared the dark images on screen were an attack by Syrian forces, with whom Israel is technically still at war. The birds, flying in tight formation in their tens of thousands and fleeing the harsh Siberian winter, almost caused a major international incident. It was only when the F-16 fighters had “eyeball” contact with the fast-moving shapes over the Syrian border that the suspicious dots were correctly identified. One world war averted then?!
Last night, ornithologists (what, not twitchers?) said the vast flocks of birds were thrushes, finches and other northern forest birds, heading to Britain, southern Europe and the Middle East to escape dwindling food supplies and the biting cold in Russia and Scandinavia. Which means, hurrah, loads of birds over here for the winter.


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