Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well, it officially started today. The BTO/SOC/BWi four year breeding and winter atlas, recording everything under feather, started today. So, having just (nearly) completed doing the whole thing for Cheshire and Wirral over the last three years, I'm into it again for the BTO and also for the Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society who are undertaking the same objective but at a much greater resolution. As Steve Redgrave said about boats and shooting I'll say the same about myself and Atlases (no more after this one, or was that two?).
So to all of you birdy types out there now is your chance to contribute to a local and national dataset that will be used for all-time - your chance at immortality. If you want to help - either by submitting the odd record or two, or you want to undertake something a bit more scientific, visit the Bird Atlas website at: to register and get on board (back to boats again). Or, if you prefer a less formal approach get back to me direct.

My first birds of the Atlas were Goldfinch's, closely followed by Magpie and Pied Wagtail. Interestingly, someone, somewhere has already submitted results to the BTO including full breeding codes - beat that!!


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