Sunday, November 04, 2007

Atlas update at T+4

So, how's it going? Nationally 16722 tetrads have been allocated - about 40% of the total. As of today 25604 records have been submitted with 313706 birds counted; with some being breeding records (one of Feral Pigeons with unfledged young).
Within Merseyside the map shows the tetrad number allocated to date per 10km square. A green square means that the minimum number of eight tetrads have been allocated (for both summer and winter). Where it is not green the first number indicates tetrads allocated and the second number the maximum tetrads available (within the BTO Merseyside Region). We're getting there - it's only been four days and we have four years.
The BTO requires a minimum of eight tetrads per 10km square. However, the local Atlas we are undertaking at the same time, needs 100% coverage of all tetrads. So we have set ourselves a higher target - I'm sure we'll get there in the end.


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