Friday, November 23, 2007

Things on my mind

With a National Atlas Working Group meeting looming up for next week, I thought I’d review the situation from ‘home turf’ so to speak. Although I am helping to co-ordinate ‘the’ local Atlas from Merseyside to Cumbria my primary responsibility is for my home BTO region. Locally we are trying to cover every tetrad in each 10km square but, nationally, the BTO only requires coverage of 8 tetrads per 10km square.

I have sole, or partial, BTO responsibility for 10x10km squares. To date, all but one of these (SJ49) has the minimum 8 tetrad BTO coverage allocated. Three of them SD20, 21 and 41 have 100% coverage and the rest have partial coverage but most, fortunately, approaching or at half coverage – which is good going I think for the first of four years.

If you want to monitor Atlas progress visit the BTO website at:


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