Thursday, November 08, 2007

What a load of c***

I've just received the latest edition of British Wildlife, the sister publication to British Birds. As is usual I tend to read this from cover to cover starting with the smaller articles first. I must relate to you the contents of one article as it has all to do with censorship of RSPB web-pages. Apparently the great and good have decided that the word 'cock' is no longer a suitable word to be seen on pages that may be viewed by younger surfers. So, no more cock Robin - or Woodcock! Male and female is preferable terminology and, where substitution is not possible, cock must be replaced by ****. What a load of bull!
It appears that the use of the word cock by our American masters is far more derogatory over there - so the word has to go. Never mind the fact that cock has a whole different set of meanings over here - not least in cocky slang, me old cock-sparra!
This is just another nail in the coffin of common-sense and another pamper to the nanny state we are being forced to live in. Here endeth the political diatribe - wonder what will be next - no more Blue TIT, Great TIT, BLACKbird, GODwit etc.
NB. Before any one says - no, that isn't the cover of the most recent edition, well spotted.


Blogger Liverpool RSPB said...

Hear Hear, and so say all of us. Here's to common sense

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