Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Atlas Update

In between the rain and wind I managed to undertake one of my TTV's for the BTO Atlas before the Christmas period. On entering data I was red-flagged for both the number of Feral Pigeons recorded as well as Common Gull - interesting! Fortunately my Roving Recorder records have gone in without mathematical query.
The first image shows the number of tetrads that have been allocated for the Atlas within Merseyside- so if you can identify a blank I'd love to hear from you. Nearly all of these allocations have been made whereby volunteers fully acknowledge that they are contributing to both the local and national Atlas at the same time. Before you ask the blue square is a winter survey only, while the black mean volunteers will be contributing both winter and breeding survey data.

The second image is of species richness recorded in each 10km square to date. This is data taken from submitted TTV's and roving records, Garden Birdwatch data and Birdtrack. It's baseline for comparison is the BTO Winter Atlas of 81-84. Essentially white means fewer species recorded in comparison while red indicates >90% of possible species already recorded.

To date 17 sets of TTV results have been recorded on-line together with data from 27 sets of Roving Recorder records. This may seem small but, knowing what I do, this is only a fraction of the survey work that has been undertaken locally (and has yet to be submitted). Survey work is progressing nicely so, on that note, a happy new year to you all.


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