Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Early nesting

For those of you that also follow the BTO Nest Record Forum you'll have seen the reports of early nesting - Cormorants for definite and possibly Blue Tit within a next box. However, I think this one takes this year's record (a bit like the Blackbird at Cheshire Oaks this time last year).

When a blackbird was observed nesting in a Christmas tree on the campus of University College Cork, it was hailed as a sign of an early spring.
On Friday last - January 25th - the eggs, which were found in the nest by staff from the university's Office of Buildings and Estates, had hatched into three young Blackbirds.
Professor John O'Halloran of UCC's Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology, examined the nest last week and confirmed that these were viable blackbird eggs laid this year.

This gives a first egg date of January 5th.

See: http://www.enviro-solutions.com/dailynews/0-1-0-1-blackbird-ucc.htm


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