Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's Official

Two things. The first is that Jeremy Greenwood, ex-director of the BTO, was awarded a CBE in the New Years Honors list. Jeremy said that, although he was proud to get the award, it was strange for being rewarded just for doing ones job - and more so as it was a job that relied heavily upon others, not least of which was us 'the volunteers'. This is a fine acknowledgment of the BTO and the work that it does.
Second - the Feral Pigeon is being forced into a decline by nothing other than its close relative the Wood pigeon. Woodies, driven from their natural farmland habitat, have adapted by making their way into urban areas. In fact there are now more Wood pigeons nesting in major cites than Feral pigeons. Fortunately they are to be found more in parks and gardens than around buildings so are more likely to be tolerated than the building orientated Feral pigeon.


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