Friday, January 11, 2008

Liverpool Ornithology Club

I was at a meeting of LOC last night which, I believe, is the longest surviving ornithological club in the UK. In the old days it used to be known as the Liverpool Ornithology and Diners Club and, although the club does have two 'meals' a year, the emphasis now is much more on birds as well as members meeting socially.
The speaker last night was the Rev Hugh Linn who took us through 'Four seasons' through his eyes. It was a reminder that 'in the good old days' Spotted Flycatcher would nest in your back garden shed and Turtle Doves (rather than Collared Doves) would be the birds coo-ing from your telephone wires. It was also interesting that the Long-eared owl that he had roosting in his back garden was seen by some of the audience when they were still in short socks and trousers and Hugh was particularly pleased that his efforts to circulate the birds' presence (when it was still standard trunk calls via the GPO) had been appreciated.
Hugh answers to a higher authority, being of the cloth, but remarked that his immortality would was assured as he had had a letter published in BB (77:10; p489 1984) on some ground nesting Carrion crows he had discovered in his parish (see photo (C) BB).
The next meeting of LOC will be on 1st Feb when John Drakely will be talking on his travels in Zambia.


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