Saturday, January 05, 2008

North American Ruddy Duck

Reported today is the 'strong support' that has been received from all the statutory agencies for the draft strategy to tackle (?irradicate) non-native species in Great Britain. Confining myself to animals the list contains three species - Ruddy Duck, Grey Squirrel and Signal Crayfish. Each of these species is threatening the continued existence of another - at least in Britain, or Europe.
We are probably all familiar with the arguments for and against this control but I'd like to add another species to the list - Canada Goose. My perception of them becoming a problem arose about ten years ago and nothing has changed that. Indeed others think so to - in Stratford upon Avon they now have dedicated teams marshaling breeding geese (they and the public don't mix), at Manchester airport they are parting with money to determine which geese continually overfly the airport (with a view to stopping them) and local park wardens are seeking advice on how to discourage geese from 'overtaking' park ponds and waterways.
Can you think of anymore candidates?

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