Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oaks and Elms

We all have species 'likes' in life - for me its oaks, elms, Great Crested Grebes, hawthorn blossom, elephants etc, so it was good to see the recent article whereby elms (be they american) are being re-introduced into Britain to restore them into the landscape.
As a graduate I did I project on elms, or lack of, in the countryside. We lost 2/3rds of the national stock, about 25 million trees, to ceratocystis ulmi - the fungus that killed them (although I believe it has a new name now).
These 'new' trees are reported to be 96% resistant to the fungus and so stand an excellent chance of adding to the countryside flora. Good old Prince Charles has recently planted (probably not personally) 40 of these american imports at Highgrove, and so leads the way in reintroducing this tree species to the British countryside. I hope I live long enough to see the difference.
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