Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the river crossing

It’s a £390M project, due to open in 2014, be 2.3km long (but with a 1km span across the river), be 135m above the river bed and have three lanes each way with a crossing speed limit of 60mph. Compare that to the Jubilee bridge which currently has (occasionally) two lanes either way carrying 80,000 vehicles a day – ten times more than it was built for, at 40mph. Additional developments are also being considered, namely a new junction with the M56 at Preston Brook.

Big times, big developments and I’m sure, in the long run, it will be an asset to the north-west. What does sadden me though is that once it is built, and tolled, free access to Liverpool will only be via the M62 corridor. But hey, the planning proposal hasn’t even been presented yet (supposed to be this spring) so we could still be years, and millions more pounds away, from completion.

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