Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Digital One

This article was timely as it affected me too. I purchased a new bed-side alarm radio with DAB features and, while running through the range of channels available, came across - the predominant gently cooing of a woodpigeon. That’s nice and calming I thought, and left it playing for a while.Now it seems others have re-discovered it too - it was first heard as a "filler" on Classic FM's frequency before it went live. As with everything ‘birdy’ twitchers have got in on the act and sparked internet ‘twitterings’ as they try to identify the birds. The record to date is twelve.
The recording was originally made in the Wiltshire garden of Digital One's chairman Quentin Howard in the spring of 1992 and has been broadcast several times previously. It now, apparently, has a loyal listening public running into tens of thousands.

How soon do you reckon before the first RSPB advert is broadcast?


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