Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Migratory swallow roost threatened

Wildlife Conservation Society scientists say ‘the site’ is only one of two known roosts in Cross River State, a coastal region in south-eastern Nigeria. The site is approximately two kilometers outside of Cross River National Park. Preliminary surveys by WCS indicate that the site may attract millions of swallows and be of international significance.

The roost appears to be under threat of destruction from advancing farms and may require conservation measures to survive, according to WCS, which has already contacted park officials to see if the roost can be formally protected.
The other swallow roost in Cross River State, at a site known as Boje, is considered one of the largest swallow roosts in Africa. However, it has suffered in recent years from hunting by local people, who capture the swallows for food. Still, it remains an important destination for tourists who come to see the spectacle of millions of birds gathering in a relatively small area each night.



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