Sunday, March 30, 2008

who pays the weatherman?

...because they should ask for a rebate. The forecast for this weekend was for nasty weather - high winds and rain. This moderated to just rain as the weekend neared and then didn't change much thereafter except the wind-speeds were reduced.
Given that the parameters were going to be outside the limits for acceptable ringing I committed myself to other things. Thus, image my annoyance when Saturday morning broke fine and sunny and today was even better (could have been ringing most of the day). The weather-person would not be a welcome visitor at the moment.
In order to work out my frustration I took a quick walk round the local park - blackbirds nesting, nuthatches calling, lots of coal tits about but no signs of any woodpeckers. A wandering male sparrowhawk put the feral pigeons to flight and the Canada Geese were as noisy as possibly laying down claims to their little bits of the pond. Eight Tufties were present, but no Little Grebe and the Coots' nest of a week ago with three eggs had been predated.
But there was good news - spring at last! - heard two Chiffchaff (hurrah) and also discovered a new species of duck on the pond (see photo).


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