Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April 1st

BBC Radio 4 this morning - big article from the RSPB. Following on from the fantastic results of the Big Garden Birdwatch when approx 400,000 participants counted birds in their back gardens the RSPB want to extend their further participation.
Apparently, due to global warming and our passion for feeding our birds, many winter birds - thrushes and finches - are staying here and not going back to their summer breeding grounds. This is threatening the food availability and nest sites of our resident birds.
What the RSPB intend to do is, via Garden Birdwatch participants, catch all of these continental birds and return them via Heathrow T5 (for they have no luggage, including hand luggage) and, now this is what makes you realise its a joke - they're going to send them all to Holland. Why? Why not Scandinavia or northern Russia? sending them to Holland - must be a joke!!


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