Tuesday, April 29, 2008

North Wales

Undertook the first full round of the nest-boxes this weekend - when things should be picking up! Had one nest of Great Tit with six eggs (not yet incubating), and activity in another 6 boxes with between 1-4 eggs. Blue Tits seem to be slow off the mark, which is probably due to the run of inclement weather we have had recently.
The Pied Flycatchers are back and on time, saw the first bird on 18th April, and already have one pair nest building and at least two other pairs claiming possession of other boxes. Also witnessed the return of Redstart with a male singing for all he was worth on the same territory as last year.
Also showing evidence of nesting were the Ravens, Coal Tit, and Blackbird, and also found a Buzzards nest that was freshly lined with bits of conifer (fingers crossed).
Didn't see any Grey Wagtails or heard any Cuckoo (they're a little late), and the first smattering of swallows were passing through. Have two species of Woodpecker on site, Lesser pecker not being one of them unfortunately.

Interesting observation of the day: had a Tawny Owl calling at 2.30 in the afternoon!

Also undertook my first TTV for the BTO and North Wales Breeding Atlas and managed to record x species, with another couple added as Roving Recorder records (seen outside the TTV).


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