Friday, May 09, 2008

Old Tjikko

The world’s oldest recorded tree, called Old Tjikko, has recently been ‘found’ in Dalarna, Sweden. The tree, a Norway spruce, is considered to be a good resource for investigating climate change due to the length of its existence. Its age was recorded – not by counting the rings – but by radiocarbon dating. It was found to be 9550 years old. And, what is more, it was in the company of at least two other trees of 9000 plus years old. Also present were two youngsters – one of 5660 years old and one of 375 years.

But, before you go looking for some massive towering tree like structure, don’t! The way that the spruce is able to propagate itself by sending out ‘daughter’ roots means that the tree has a continued existence of 9550 years, rather than a continued growing period of the same.


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