Sunday, May 11, 2008

This week that was...

My weekend started well with two White Stork seen flying over Greenbank Park. A quick email to Steve White indicated that the time of year was right and there were no escapes reported locally. So, I'll have to submit an official report now as no one else appears to have seen them but me and my car passengers.

Another round of the nestboxes (again) this weekend. Twenty active Great Tit nests and only a mere nine Blue, with another seven of unidentified (tit) thus far.

Twenty seven active Pied Flycatcher, two Redstart and one Nuthatch. The Blackbirds nest has been predated and the Song Thrush now has four eggs but has yet to start incubating (she was off like a flash when I was still 1o yards away). The buzzards dont appear to be going much and the ravens spend more time flying up and down the valley rather than anything constructive. Also found some nesting Great Spotted Woodpeckers - but too high and difficult to get to.

Lifted and ringed the incubating female Nuthatch, now TH50124, and one of the female Pied Flys (V570195). Two other Pied Flys were lifted, T834631 originally ringed as a pullus on site in 2006 and T537627 ringed as a new female on site last year.

The top picture is one of the Redstart nests - pretty much like a Pied Flycatchers except for the mass of feathers (Pied Flys dont tend to use feathers), and the bottom one is the Nuthatch. Note the distinct lack of any nest cup.


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