Friday, June 13, 2008

Local Atlas cover - first winter.

The map shows data received and actually in hand. The big squares are both timed visits made, the small circles either one timed visit and/or very comprehensive roving recorder records. There is more data to come in, and there is not total concordance with BTO on-line data entry, so if you square or spot is not present worry not at this stage. The time for more comprehensive checking will come later. This is just to give you a feel on how things are going.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

D & D

No, not drunk and disorderly but despondent and disillusioned. The round of checking nest-boxes this weekend was depressing. Expecting a very busy and successful day the end result was not as would have been liked. On the positive side 36 nestboxes were 'complete' with young being ringed and just outcome codes waiting to be added and 16 nestboxes are still on-going, with either incubating females or young to small to be ringed. The rest was all bad. Seven clutches /young lost to squirrel, eleven lost to weasel, one lost due to an unknown predator and three deserted. What makes it worse is that all redstart nests were 'lost' and the majority of the rest were all Pied Flycatchers. It is not going to be a very good year.
However, the nuthatches are not far of fledging and the Great Spotted Woodpeckers appear to be doing well. The Song Thrush have now fledged and there was good evidence that Mistle Thrushes had done well in the valley. The Green Woodpecker was in evidence all day and still had two cuckoo calling for most of the afternoon. Oh, and the Tawny owl was still hunting during daylight hours - must have chicks somewhere.