Saturday, September 20, 2008

11.39AM 18th September 2008

This was the time that BTO Council and Management ‘signed-off’ the BTO Strategy 2008-2014. So, following feedback from last year’s Conference, three Council meetings and, probably, a couple of hundred emails, the strategy for the next (rolling) five years was agreed.
The final printed document will appear early next year but snippets should appear soon in BTO News, and the Director will make a presentation at this year’s Conference in December.
In brief the Strategic priorities are:
a) More proactive, innovative and responsive science
b) More accessible data and information
c) Stronger image and increased profile
d) More supporters and greater engagement with them
e) Investment in people
f) Increased and wider income
g) Best practise governance

Although we appear to have taken a long time to get here – the strategy runs to 44 pages - the work is only just beginning – exciting times are ahead.


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